What a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Do for Injury Victims

What a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Do for Injury Victims

Sacramento, California’s capital city, is known as a buzzing motorcycling hub thanks to scenic routes like the Sacramento River Delta, Mosquito Ridge Road, and Salmon Falls Road. Both travelers and locals frequent these winding and breathtaking trails to partake in Sacramento’s lush and picture-perfect landscapes. Therefore, it is no surprise that motorcycles are a common sight throughout the city. This is why it is of utmost importance that riders enroll in a motorcycle safety course in Sacramento and know their legal rights if they unfortunately find themselves in an accident. 

Pertinent Motorcycle Accident Statistics

No matter how cautious a rider can be, some motorcycle accidents cannot be avoided by riders due to unsafe and unexpected roadway conditions. In these instances, injured riders will benefit from the expertise of a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 474 fatalities throughout the Golden State in 2019. A significant chunk of this statistic involves Sacramento riders, which the California Department of Motor Vehicles tallied at 32,850 in the same year. 

As recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle-related fatalities in Sacramento increased by 18% between 2019 and 2020.

These thousands of registered Sacramento bikers do not include motorcyclists who venture into the city from other regions for its scenic routes. With the bulk of motorcycle traffic in the city, motorcycle accidents or encounters become inevitable. 

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Sacramento

Motorcycle accidents are sometimes caused by unforeseen circumstances, say, a sudden change in weather that affects the rider’s visibility or a calamity that drastically affects road conditions. However, motorcycle accidents are often caused by negligent drivers who fall short of the necessary riding precautions or blatantly violate traffic safety regulations. 

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Motorcyclists driving under the influence of alcohol

Throughout California, it is unlawful for anyone under the influence of alcohol to operate or drive a motor vehicle, including motorcycles. Despite this prohibition, alcohol-related motorcycle accidents are commonplace as the substance significantly impairs attention, motor skills, and decision-making, all of which are crucial to one’s ability to drive.


Most motorcycle-related incidents are caused by bikers who caved into the temptation of riding full-throttle on their motorbikes beyond maximum speed limits. In Sacramento, the maximum speed limit is 65 miles per hour in urban areas and 25 miles per hour in any business or residential district.   

Failing to Yield to Motorcycles

Less-experienced motorists may not be the best at giving the right of way to motorcycles as they enter intersections, pull out of driveways, or pass riders heading in the same direction on the road, causing direct collisions with bikers.

In motorcycle accidents where one party is a motorcycle rider and the other is a driver of a four-wheeled vehicle like a car or a truck, the motorcyclist often sustains fatal injuries. Unlike most motor vehicles encased in structures and mechanisms that absorb crash energy and crush, motorcycle riders receive collision forces directly on their bodies. 

What You Can Do to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Sacramento

A motorcyclist hoping to avoid a disastrous motorcycle accident must take extensive precautionary measures. 

Wear the proper gear

Before heading out to ride on the streets of Sacramento, riders need to wear state-compliant safety helmets and protective gear. Driving a motorcycle without a helmet is unlawful in California, and helmets must meet state and federal safety standards. (Read: Types of Motorcycle Helmets for Tough Riders)

Additionally, traffic authorities advise motorists to wear clothing that provides adequate protection on the road.

Ensure that your motorcycle is in tip-top shape

Only take your motorcycle out of your garage after ensuring it is in excellent condition to withstand even the longest rides. Then, submit your bikes to regular inspections with your local motorcycle or body shops to determine any issues that may not be readily visible without expert intervention. 

Enroll in a motorcycle safety course

Especially if you are new to the city, enrolling in a motorcycle safety course in Sacramento is a must-do. Doing so will help you familiarize yourself with road conditions and regulations particular to Sacramento. These courses should also help you get in touch with traffic authorities that you need to know about in the event of any motorcycle-related incident.

Know where you’re going

Being an informed motorcycle rider works not only to your advantage but also for other drivers and pedestrians. So wherever you go on any given day, keep abreast of weather forecasts, traffic conditions, and other factors.

Moreover, some areas or localities may have specific traffic laws and regulations that you need to be aware of to avoid being meted out with fines or penalties by the proper authorities.

Why You Will Need a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

It is an undoubtedly frightening and daunting experience to find yourself in a motorcycle accident. The idea of sustaining expensive property damage is intimidating to many, let alone the prospect of suffering from injuries that may have long-term complications requiring invasive medical procedures. 

On top of all that, getting involved in a devastating motorcycle accident may entail missing several days off work, which, in turn, translates to less income. (Read: What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?)

With all these worries naturally circling your thoughts during a motorcycle incident, it becomes clear why a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer is essential in these times of need. 

Ways a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You After a Motorcycle Accident 

Expert legal representation after a motorcycle-related incident will help you maximize the best possible outcomes for your case from start to finish. There are several ways these attorneys can assist you.

Gather all necessary proof and documentation

After getting injured in a motorcycle accident, you might panic as you figure out what to document or keep track of from the accident scene and the other parties. These could include police reports, witness statements, and video footage.  

An expert motorcycle accident lawyer will help ease this burden off your shoulder. Your legal representation should comb through all possible sources or offices to gather all the documentation you need concerning your motorcycle-related injuries.

Help you make winning insurance claims

Any excellent motorcycle accident lawyer knows that an insurance company’s loyalty is to its customers. Without proper guidance, the last thing you want to happen is to file a claim before an insurance company, only for them to offer measly compensation that barely suffices for your post-accident needs.   

In this regard, your legal representation should aggressively champion your case to get maximum compensation from insurance companies. 

Get you the best medical treatments

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will direct you to a network of medical providers geared toward your full recovery. These medical providers should offer tailor-made treatments for your specific injuries after a motorcycle accident.

After that, your counsel will ensure that you get the proper coverage for all the medical expenses you incurred towards your recovery.

Win your case in litigation

When it finds that you are not getting the appropriate compensation or coverage for your injuries, an outstanding motorcycle attorney will win your case in litigation if it ever comes down to it.

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