Collision Claims Young Motorcyclist’s Life on 91 Freeway in Corona

A devastating accident on the Riverside (91) Freeway in Corona took the life of a 26-year-old motorcyclist on Tuesday. Riley Myers of Rialto tragically lost his life around 1 a.m. when he collided with the rear of a stalled vehicle towing a trailer in the middle lane of the westbound 91, just east of Main Street.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the private vehicle towing the trailer had come to a sudden stop, and for reasons yet unclear, Riley was unable to avoid the collision. The impact hurled him onto the freeway, resulting in fatal injuries.

Corona Fire Department paramedics arrived at the scene of the motorcycle collision in Corona shortly after the incident but, tragically, could only pronounce Riley dead.

While the two occupants in the vehicle towing the trailer did not require medical attention, the CHP is investigating why Riley was unable to perceive the obstacle in time to react.

The westbound 91 freeway experienced lane closures for approximately three hours as authorities processed the scene and cleared the wreckage.

Road accidents are devastating events, especially for motorcyclists. For many victims, the physical and financial toll of a motorcycle accident can be immense. 

Those who survive such an incident suffer from serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment. This requires multiple hospitalizations, visits to specialists, physical therapy sessions, and sometimes even surgery. Depending on the severity of their injury, some may never fully recover and will be forced to live with permanent disabilities for the rest of their lives.

The physical and financial tolls on victims of motorcycle accidents are not insignificant – they can weigh down heavily both emotionally and financially on those who have suffered through such an event.

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