BMW North America Halts Sales of Gas-Powered Motorcycles

In an unexpected turn of events, BMW North America has imposed a voluntary and temporary stop-sale on its entire line of gas-powered motorcycles available in the United States and Canada. This abrupt decision affects both new and pre-owned bikes, with the sole exception being the BMW CE 04, their latest electric scooter model.

The reason behind this halt traces back to an issue with the evaporative system, a component found in every BMW motorcycle—both new and used. A notice disseminated to dealerships by BMW, as reported by Web Bike World, pinpointed a material in the evap system that fails to meet stipulated material specifications. Crucially, BMW assured its customer base that this concern doesn’t jeopardize safety. The underlying issue gravitates towards emissions compliance.

A BMW spokesperson provided insights on this development, stating, “BMW of North America constantly endeavors to offer vehicles that align with customer expectations. In the light of a recent quality review, BMW is proactively assessing the material used in its motorcycle evaporative system component. Hence, we’ve opted for a temporary, voluntary stop-sale for all our motorcycle models, barring the CE 04. Importantly, this isn’t safety-related, allowing current BMW motorcycle owners to continue their rides.”

Given the stringent emissions norms shared by the U.S. and Canada, BMW is strategically acting to sidestep any potential breaches of these regulations. This proactive move intends to allow the company adequate time to comprehend the root cause, facilitating corrective actions on unsold inventory.

Currently, there’s ambiguity regarding the range of models impacted by the BMW motorcycle sales halt and how deep-rooted this issue is. As for the CE 04 electric scooter, its absence of an evap system shields it from this hold.

BMW is expected to soon find a resolution. Until then, dealer inventories will remain frozen, and the fate of bikes with current owners hangs in balance.

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