San Diego Motorcycle Crash: Kickboxer Faces Life-Altering Injuries

A kickboxer from San Diego has recently been discharged from the hospital after enduring life-altering injuries from a tragic motorcycle accident in the Golden Hills neighborhood. Francesca Petrolo, 36, had spent the day engaged in physical activity, teaching a youth boxing class for a local nonprofit before embarking on her motorcycle journey home.

While riding in the right lane on Market Street, approaching 21st Street, Petrolo’s world was abruptly shattered. According to her account, a car seemingly appeared out of nowhere, attempting a U-turn and colliding with her motorcycle. The impact left her rolling on the asphalt, a blur of pain consuming her senses. With a deep sense of anguish, Petrolo recalls hugging her injured leg while experiencing excruciating pain.

Hospital tests revealed a grim reality — Petrolo had suffered numerous fractures, including her spine, wrist, and leg. The severity of her foot injury forced her to make the difficult decision to undergo amputation above the ankle.

Despite the physical and emotional toll of the San Diego motorcycle crash, Petrolo remains resilient and determined. As a former amateur boxer and kickboxer in her native Italy, she refuses to let this setback define her. Petrolo’s unwavering spirit and positive outlook fuel her determination to embark on a new journey, embracing physical therapy and adapting to life with a prosthetic foot.

While witnesses confirm that the driver of the dark sedan involved in the collision did stop, the investigation into the incident is ongoing, seeking to establish responsibility and accountability.

To support Petrolo during this challenging time, a Gofundme campaign has been launched to assist with her medical expenses and other financial burdens.

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