Safety First: Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands This 2024

In the dynamic world of motorcycling, where the thrill of the open road beckons enthusiasts, the importance of prioritizing safety cannot be overstated. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we understand the profound impact that accidents can have on riders and their families. One crucial element that significantly contributes to rider safety is the choice of a reliable and well-constructed helmet. In 2024, the market is brimming with options, making the decision-making process a daunting task for riders seeking the perfect headgear.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top motorcycle helmet brands that stand out in 2024. Our focus is not just on style, but primarily on safety features, durability, and the commitment of these brands to meeting and exceeding industry standards. Join us in this exploration as we endeavor to assist riders in making informed decisions that prioritize safety on every exhilarating journey.

Top Brands of Motorcycle Helmets in 2024

1. Shoei

Shoei stands out as one of the most, if not the most, distinguished brands in the high-quality helmet industry. Since its establishment in 1959, Shoei Kako Co. has maintained a commitment to crafting each quality helmet entirely by hand in Japan, showcasing a dedication to precision and quality. The RF-1400, the latest addition to their RF lineup, takes the spotlight as the lightest and best-rated helmet within its category. This exemplifies Shoei’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and performance in their product lines.

2. AGV

Since its establishment in 1947, AGV has consistently delivered exceptional helmets, earning renown for their impressive lineup. The Corsa R, Pista GP-R, and Veloce S helmets, three out of the six helmets tested since 2016 and currently under the ownership of Dainese, have achieved the maximum five-star safety rating. The remaining three helmets earned a still commendable four-star rating. This track record underscores AGV’s commitment to producing reliable and trustworthy helmets, a sentiment echoed by their users.

Adding to AGV’s prestige is the association with Valentino Rossi, a revered modern riding champion in MotoGP. This connection not only enhances the brand’s market reputation but also contributes significantly to its popularity among riders. For those who follow MotoGP, AGV’s strong ties to champion riders like Valentino Rossi serve as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence in the world of motorcycle racing.

3. Fox

Established in 1974, Fox Head Inc. originated as a motocross apparel company. The company quickly gained prominence in the United States, specializing in protective gear and clothing for various extreme sports. Fox Racing has become a global player, distributing its sportswear creations worldwide, while maintaining a strong foothold in the motocross arena.

In addition to its comprehensive sportswear offerings, Fox Racing has prioritized the development of innovative, cost-effective, and secure helmet models. Moreover, the brand’s reputation for innovation, quality, and a diverse product range resonates with athletes worldwide, making Fox Racing a go-to choice for those seeking cutting-edge apparel and protective gear.

4. Arai Quantic

Established in 1926, Arai Helmet Ltd. has been a longstanding player in the helmet industry, crafting all of its expensive helmets by hand. The culmination of decades of expertise and commitment to quality is evident in their Corsair-X helmets, which represent the newest and most premium line in their extensive collection.

Arai Quantic’s lineup caters to diverse preferences, but it’s the Corsair-X series that stands out as the most well-received and highly rated among users. The result of continuous innovation and refinement, these helmets showcase Arai’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of aerodynamic design and helmet manufacturing.

5. KongUSA

Headquartered in Bristol, RI, it specializes in the manufacturing of bicycle and motorcycle helmets constructed from ABS and polycarbonate materials. The company offers a diverse range of helmet types, including shock-absorbing, wind noise reducing, dielectric, climbing, and multisport helmets, making them one of the top motorcycle helmet brands.

These helmets are available in various sizes, accommodating circumferences ranging from 51 to 64 cm. KongUSA, LLC ensures that their helmets meet the needs of a broad spectrum of activities, making them suitable for adventure parks, cableway evacuation, canyoning, snow and ice pursuits, ferrata, mountain rescue, helicopter rescue, scaffolding and trestles work, tree climbing or arboriculture, sailboats, fire brigades, and civil defense.

top motorcycle helmet brands

6. Bell Helmets

Since its inception in 1954, Bell Helmets has been a stalwart in the helmet manufacturing industry. One of their standout products, the Bell helmet, boasting an impressive overall safety rating of 4.4, has become the preferred choice for professional motocross riders, particularly those venturing off-road.

Bell Helmets made history in 1960 by introducing the first full-face helmet, a groundbreaking innovation that rapidly gained favor among racers and riders alike. Its design not only provided exceptional protection against impact injuries, such as broken cheekbones and jaws, but also featured an aerodynamic structure, reducing wind resistance for riders traveling at high speeds.

7. HJC

HJC helmets have earned widespread acclaim, particularly from American police departments and motorcycle riders seeking reliable and affordable head protection. The HJC RPHA Max Helmet, their premium model, allows riders the option to cover their full face, offering flexibility and comfort.

Notably, the AirFit cheek pad design of the HJC RPHA Max Helmet enables riders to customize the air pressure, ensuring a snug and personalized fit. The inclusion of a retractable sun visor adds to the overall comfort, allowing riders to enjoy a pleasant experience even on hot days. According to Motorcycle Industry Magazine, HJC has consistently held the top spot among North American helmet brands since 1992, a testament to their enduring popularity, trustworthiness and reputation as a leading North American helmet brand.

8. Icon

Founded in 2002, Icon Motosports has made a mark as one of the top motorcycle helmet brands by consistently producing some of the most unique and stylish helmets available. One of their standout lines is the Icon Airflite helmet lineup, renowned for its aggressive and distinctive design. This collection is tailored for riders who prioritize both style and performance in their choice of headgear.

While Icon helmets may not rank at the higher end in rigorous safety tests like SHARP, they are widely recognized as a high-quality manufacturer. What sets them apart is their commitment to delivering helmets with some of the coolest graphic art in the market, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to their products.

9. Shark

In 1991, Shark made history by producing the first helmet with visible carbon fiber, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge materials and design. In 2007, they once again led the way by creating the first helmet with dual ECE certification, underlining their dedication to meeting and exceeding safety standards. In 2015, Shark continued their innovative streak by introducing the first helmet with built-in LEDs, showcasing a fusion of style, graphic design and functionality.

The RACE-R PRO series from Shark earned the distinction of being the first dirt bike helmet to receive FIM certification for all sizes, from XS to XL, further solidifying their commitment to safety and quality across their product range.

10. Schuberth

Since the 1940s, Schuberth has been a distinguished manufacturer of helmets, initially producing safety work, police, fire, F1, and military helmets. In 1954, they expanded their expertise to include premium motorcycle helmets.

Schuberth manufactures its helmets in Germany, underscoring their commitment to quality. The company operates an in-house wind tunnel, climate rig, and acoustics laboratory, emphasizing meticulous development from inception to completion. This comprehensive approach ensures that their helmets not only meet but exceed premium levels of safety.

Always Put Your Safety First

As we navigate the diverse landscape of single helmet safety options in 2024, rider safety cannot be emphasized enough. Amidst the interesting choices available, riders must prioritize safety features, durability, and adherence to industry standards when selecting their headgear and avoiding bad helmets that cannot offer adequate protection in case of an accident. California’s stringent helmet laws further highlight the commitment to safety in the dynamic motorcycle culture. Understanding and complying with these regulations is not just a legal obligation but a crucial aspect of responsible riding on the state’s roads. Looking for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will always be your best bet.


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