Motorcyclist Assaulted with Metal Pole: Campbell Man Convicted

A San Francisco motorcyclist was attacked with a metal pole by 56-year-old Mark Hughes of Campbell while traveling westbound on Union Street in May. Hughes was found guilty on Thursday of one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon.

On the morning of May 7, as the motorcyclist maneuvered around Hughes at the Buchanan Street intersection, he was struck from behind by Hughes wielding a metal pole. Responding to calls from the victim and onlookers, police swiftly arrested Hughes at the scene, pole still in hand.

Assistant District Attorney Asit Panwala stated, “This verdict holds Mr. Hughes accountable for his actions. We appreciate the alertness and quick response of witnesses and the police.”

Hughes’ sentencing is slated for Sept. 21, with the possibility of up to four years in prison.

The San Francisco motorcycle incident reflects an alarming rise in road rage incidents across the nation. Motorists and cyclists alike are urged to remain vigilant and drive responsibly to ensure everyone’s safety on our roads.

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