Motorcycle Accidents on the Rise in Merced: CHP Steps Up Patrols

Merced, CA – Concern over rising Merced motorcycle accidents is prompting the local California Highway Patrol (CHP) team to take action. In 2021, 32 motorcycle-related crashes were reported, a number the CHP hopes to decrease in 2023.

A recent incident on Bellevue Road and G Street highlights the urgency. Early Monday morning, a speeding motorcyclist broadsided a pickup, resulting in severe injuries and emergency medical evacuation. Sgt. Nathan McKinnon of the Merced Police commented on the gravity of the accident and underscored the need for road safety.

Eric Zuniga of the CHP emphasized the fleeting nature of road incidents and advised, “Be aware of the motorcyclists among you. Motorcyclists should also ride within their limits.” This advice followed a scene our team witnessed Monday afternoon, with a CHP officer intercepting speeding motorcyclists on Highway 99.

Zuniga’s advice to all drivers this summer: “Focus on driving. Wear your seatbelt, follow speed limits, and maintain a safe distance.”

With grant support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Merced’s CHP is set to increase highway patrols, ensuring safer roadways in the summer.

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