Motorcycle Accident Without Insurance In California

motorcycle accident without insurance

The State of California is home to more than 900,000 registered motorcycles. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there are nearly 500 motorbike crashes leading to fatalities in 2020.

While insured motorcycle riders have multiple options for case resolution, dispute settlement, and accident injury claims, not much is said about those who figure in a motorcycle accident without insurance coverage. Nonetheless, uninsured motorists are not entirely without insurance-related and legal protection.

There are several pieces of California legislation pertinent to motorcycle laws. For one, the California Vehicle Code in Section 16028 (a) mandates that every person driving a motor vehicle on a highway must provide evidence of financial responsibility when demanded by an officer. Moreover, a driver who violates the said provision will be subject to a fine of one hundred dollars ($100) up to five hundred dollars ($500), depending on whether it is a first or subsequent infraction.

The foremost “evidence of financial responsibility” that a motor vehicle driver can present, as contemplated by the California laws mentioned above, is proof of auto insurance coverage, usually as insurance cards or declaration pages.

Hence, motor vehicle drivers in California, including motorcyclists, are expressly required by law to have proof of insurance coverage, or motorcycle insurance, in their possession at all times while on the road.

Despite these regulations, however, plenty of motorcyclists take to California streets and highways without the required evidence of having collision insurance or similar motorcycle insurance policies. Without such auto insurance coverage, relief from motorcycle injuries entails taking a few extra steps that may be a hassle to those who want speedy resolutions and recoveries. However, it is not entirely impossible, especially with the aid of an excellent motorcycle crash attorney.

In a Motorcycle Accident Without Insurance? What You Should Do

Under any circumstance, finding yourself in a motorcycle accident is undoubtedly a frightening and daunting experience, even more so when you have nothing to show regarding automobile insurance. With that said, getting into crashes without insurance is not as dire as you think, and several legal options are still available, including the following:

Enlisting the Services of an Excellent Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Your best bet at recovery from a motorcycle accident without insurance is the expertise of a specialized motorcycle crash attorney.

If you are meted with fines from authorities due to your lack of proof of auto insurance or bodily injury coverage, a motorcycle crash attorney can serve as your legal counsel. Additionally, having legal representation is beneficial in determining whether your motorcycle collision case requires litigation. (Read: Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit in California: Essential Steps)

Even after a motorcycle accident, it might not be too late for you to acquire insurance coverage. In this case, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you.

In sum, expert motorcycle accident attorneys will help you settle your case from the moment of the accident to the resolution of any insurance claims you may have. Getting personal injury protection is essential in tough situations such as this one. 

Gather Every Piece of Evidence You Can From the Motorcycle Accident

Whether or not you are party to a motorcycle accident without insurance, you must gather all evidence from the collision scene, including pictures, video footage, data from the involved parties, witness statements, and other critical information.

Having a vital record of the motorcycle accident, including reports reports of bodily injury and property damage, will always play to your advantage, particularly when your case warrants a claim from the other party or litigation. (Read: What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident)

The Importance of Having Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

A major takeaway from all the points covered above is that having uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as a motorcyclist in California gives you the edge in any motorcycle-related troubles.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, only 79% of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage in addition to liability insurance, and only 75% acquire collision coverage. Based on this data, there are still many motorcyclists without insurance, at the very least, drivers without comprehensive or collision coverage.

If you ever figure in an incident with a motor vehicle driver who either has low coverage limits or no coverage, having an uninsured/underinsured insurance policy will allow you to seek compensation for damages from your insurance provider. This recovery option will ensure that you are not at a total loss and are not empty-handed after filing a claim with insurance companies. 

How to Find the Best Motorcycle Crash Attorney For Your Case

To help you settle your case from a motorcycle accident without insurance, you need a motorcycle crash attorney with years of expertise and specialization in handling uninsured motorist coverage cases. A personal injury lawyer dealing with motor vehicle accidents and other related matters will understand the nuances and specifics necessary to win your case or claim, even when you are at a disadvantage as a motorcyclist without insurance.

Client reviews and testimonials greatly measure a legal practitioner’s skills and capabilities. In this light, Motorcyclist Attorney is a legal provider specializing in motorcycle-related cases with glowing reviews from previous clients satisfied with its high level of expertise, knowledge, and services.

What to Expect During the Legal Process

Getting into a motorcycle accident without insurance requires a more substantial degree of skill and case building. Throughout every step of the case settlement process, expect to work closely with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and supply him/her with the information needed to see your case through to victory.

How Much Money You Stand To Win In a Lawsuit

In any lawsuit arising out of a motorcycle accident without insurance, the amount of money you can either recover or win heavily depends on the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the personal injury attorney handling your case.

To maximize compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, even as an uninsured motorcyclist, you need no less than the best legal counsel available.

Motorcyclist Attorney is a well-established and well-regarded team of legal practitioners and experts specializing in motorcycle-related cases in California. With a solid track record in settling motorcycle accidents, getting compensation for different types of damages, and other related issues, we are driven by a passion to help you win your case. 

In its determination to win every case it takes on, Motorcyclist Attorney guarantees no fees unless a suit or claim is successful. Dealing with insurance companies can get complicated, particularly for uninsured drivers. But not all hope is lost if you find yourself a victim in a motorcycle accident. Contact our personal injury attorneys today for a free legal consultation and case value estimate, or fill out our quick contact form and we’ll get back to you immediately.


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