From Wreck to Recovery: The Vital Support of a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer in LA

Los Angeles is renowned for its amazing lifestyle and glitzy streets, thus it’s no surprise that everyone dreams of visiting the bustling city of California. Yet, those who traverse LA daily experience a different version—one filled with traffic jams and congested roads; making motorcycling in Los Angeles quite tough.

Even when motorcycle laws exist to bring order to the city of stars, motorcycle accidents are too common, and severe injuries are on the rise. In this blog, we will explore two cases of terrific motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles and why having a motorcycle injury lawyer can help you to drive and stay safe in LA. 

How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents In Los Angeles?

Motorcycle accidents are a significant issue in Los Angeles, with statistics showing that they occur at an alarming rate. In fact, LA logged fatalities and injuries of 431 victims in 2022. And while many might think that these catastrophic accidents happened because of negligent actions — like driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) — the National Safety Council Analysis reports that 72.65% of motorcycle crashes in the last 10 weren’t related to alcohol or drugs. (Read more: Motorcycle Accident Los Angeles Statistics

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Motorcycle Crash Statistics In LA

As mentioned, motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles are more common than we think and for those trying to ride safely their motorcycles in this city, following motorcycle laws such as helmet requirements and speed limits can make a big difference. While you may take all the necessary precautions to ride your motorcycle safely, nothing can guarantee that you won’t be a victim of a motorcycle accident.

In Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon to encounter real-life stories of how quickly someone can become an injured victim from a motorcycle accident. These tales are backed up by relevant case law and serve as cautionary reminders for those who choose to ride two wheels in the city.

Nicholson v. Borok, $3.7 million awarded in Los Angeles

On April 2014, Plaintiff Jonathan Pontel was peacefully driving his 2003 Kawasaki motorbike in the first lane of northbound Interstate 5 near the Los Angeles River. Defendant Zea Borok drove her white Lexus on an adjacent lane and without warning switched to plaintiff’s path, prompting a motorcycle behind them to veer left abruptly into plaintiff’s way as an attempt to avoid crashing with the Lexus.

Pontel was confronted with a sudden and unexpected obstacle when the Lexus came to an abrupt stop at a 45-degree angle in front of him, forcing his motorbike between the center divider and car. In desperation, he jammed on his brakes while turning right – resulting in an unfortunate chain of events that led to his bike flipping over backwards as he dove for safety, only for it to land heavily atop him soon after.

The defendant claims that the plaintiff’s illegal lane splitting, following a vehicle too closely, and failure to maintain an appropriate speed were all factors leading up to this car accident which resulted in their personal injuries.

Without any notification to the other drivers, Zea Borok carelessly breached multiple California Vehicle Code sections – 21658, 22107, and 22108. As a result of her negligence and inattention to detail on that day, 3.7 million was awarded for medical costs incurred by the victims as well as compensation for physical injuries sustained along with emotional distress and mental anguish endured due to this collision. Ultimately it is clear that defendant Zea Borok must take full responsibility for all damages caused by this incident.

Motorcycle accident results in paraplegia. $9 million awarded in Los Angeles

In July 2009, Richard Tang was driving a vehicle that belonged to Anna Tang and traveling in the westbound direction on Vernon Avenue. He started off by taking the first lane before switching into the second one, then made a right turn onto a driveway when his motorcycle collided with the back passenger quarter panel and tire of defendant’s car. Unfortunately for him, he had no motorbike insurance so all medical expenses incurred both prior and after were out-of-pocket along with impairment to income loss.

The Defendant claims that the Plaintiff was not in the middle lane, but rather on a curb track and had recklessly tried to pass by their car via “gutter sniping”, an action considered dangerous. The respondent also disagreed with both the nature and amount of petitioner’s upcoming medical care plus financial loss.

Plaintiff suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, leaving them paraplegic. After careful deliberation, the jury deemed it fair to award 9 million dollars as compensation for their life-changing medical condition and suffering. 

When unforeseen events lead to devastating injuries for the victims, it can be difficult to receive a fair settlement – and that’s why having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney is invaluable. With help from a professional attorney, you can seek maximum compensation for your injuries and stand up against insurance companies who may try to deceive or shortchange you. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of; with legal counsel on your side, you have someone fighting in your corner!

Motorcycle crashes in Los Angeles can be complex legal matters, yet with a skilled attorney familiar with California and LA motorcycle laws on your side, you should have no worries. As evidenced by case #1, defense lawyers may try to assign comparative fault even when it is not applicable; however an experienced lawyer will be able to effectively protect your rights.

How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Following a motorcycle crash in LA, it is critical to obtain professional guidance on your top course of action and bring forth legal proceedings in order to reclaim any financial or non-financial harms that resulted from the mishap. Some might assume that settling informally can resolve everything, but they are unaware of the potential risks posed when one downplays their physical injuries and damages caused by the accident. Taking prompt legal action could be essential for not only obtaining just compensation, but also safeguarding one’s health and wellbeing.

Having a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in motorcycle accidents can help you with a claim for compensation in a variety of ways, but most importantly, to ensure that your case and rights are being respected. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help with:

  • Proving liability: When searching for who is at fault in a motorcycle accident, an experienced lawyer can compile evidence such as police reports, witness accounts, and specialist information to determine responsibility.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies: If you are dealing with a personal injury claim, an experienced attorney can make sure that insurance companies treat your case fairly and provide adequate financial compensation for any serious injuries or losses. They will take on the job of communicating and negotiating with insurers in your name to get you what you deserve.
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit: Should the liable parties be unable to reach mutual understanding, a motorcycle accident lawyer can act on behalf of the victim in filing a lawsuit. Personal injury law is complex and skilled lawyers understand how best to navigate it; defence attorneys are no exception. By working with an experienced legal professional, victims have access to rewarding compensation they deserve. 
  • Representing the victim: An experienced personal injury team can champion your case to ensure the most positive results in court. They will strategically use their expertise and knowledge to secure a favorable outcome for you. 
  • Helping the victim navigate the legal process while providing support: As your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, not only will we guide you through the legal process of your claim but also be a listening ear to provide necessary emotional support and secure the best outcome. 

Award-Winning Motorcycle Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

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