Dog causes a motorcycle accident: who is liable?

To many motorcyclists, feeling the rush of their vehicles every day offers more than pleasure; it is a way to transport from them one place to another. Besides dealing with bad street conditions or negligent drivers, motorcycle drivers can be also affected by road obstructions — dogs and other animals in particular. 

Dogs are widely celebrated for the love and companionship they provide, although this isn’t always the case when proper training is ignored. In such cases, dogs may become aggressive and inflict serious harm on a person — an unfortunate reminder of why it’s essential to ensure that your pet receives all necessary care.

Motorists can suffer serious injuries due to a dog-related accident. If you were involved in a collision that was caused by another person’s pet, the owner of this animal may be held accountable for your losses and damages.

In this article, we are going to discuss: 

  • Provoked and unprovoked dog attacks
  • What is the most common reason for a dog to be aggressive?
  • If a dog causes a motorcycle accident: Who is liable?
  • Legal advice and representation you need

A Dog Causes A Motorcycle Accident: Provoked And Unprovoked Dog Attacks

A dog bite can be classified as provoked or unprovoked, and this depends on the situation and behavior of the person and the dog at the moment of the incident. A provoked dog bite occurs when a person is bitten by a dog as the animal responds to a perceived threat or provocation, such as being poked, prodded, or attacked. 

An unprovoked dog bite is considered a normal behavior and occurs when the animal responds to a perceived threat to its body, such as fear or feeling that his territory is being invaded. 

Dog causes a motorcycle accident

To help avert motorcycle accidents by dogs, it is critical to recognize their possible causes. Although you may be operating your bike cautiously near a dog in order to prevent an attack, the motion or circumstances could still provoke them. Therefore, having knowledge of what can lead to these types of crashes is imperative for all motorcyclists going forward.

What Is The Most Common Reason For A Dog To Be Aggressive?

It is not common for a dog to attack a motorcyclist, they can usually bark and follow the vehicle trying to scare the rider. Sometimes, the situation can be so stressful for the dog, and this can lead to a catastrophic accident. When a dog causes a motorcycle accident, these are some of the most common reasons:


The dog may feel threatened by the motorcycle’s presence, especially if it is unfamiliar with this type of vehicle. 


Animals can be protective of their territory and attack the motorcyclist as a form of defense. 

Emotional issues

Dogs have feelings and emotions that can lead the way they act. If the dog may be abandoned, abused, and feel threatened by the presence of a human, this can lead to the dog protecting himself from a stranger. 


If the dog is suffering from a medical condition, like anxiety or stress this can cause it to be more aggressive than usual. 


Some dog owners train their dogs to attack and protect their homes. If a dog feels that a motorcycle can be dangerous, it may get aggressive and attack motorists. 

Protect other animals

The dog may be part of a pack and attack the motorcyclist in concern with other dogs. 

If dog is the cause of motorcycle accidents, the injured person should try to remain calm and not provoke the animal further. If it’s possible, cover yourself and put something between you and the dog, such as a helmet, jacket, or motorcycle. 

After the attack, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, some dog bites can be infected and cause severe injuries that may need surgery if not treated right away. 

Also, it is important to seek legal help to determine who is liable for the motorcycle accident caused by the dog. An experienced motorcyclist attorney can help you understand your case and how you can take action.

Who Is Liable?

When a dog causes a motorcycle accident, it may be tempting to simply blame the animal and contact an animal center for help. However, this is not the wisest course of action if you want rightful restitution for your damages. To ensure that justice is served and that you get fair compensation — both economic and non-economic — consulting a professional attorney would serve in your best interest.

To build a winning case and fight for fair compensation for your injuries and damages, you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can provide legal advice about how to take action.

In the event of a motorcycle accident caused by a dog, not only may the owner or responsible party be held liable for any ensuing damages and injuries, but they could also face significant financial consequences. Such expenses could include medical bills, property destruction costs, as well as other out-of-pocket expenditures resulting from the incident.

Dog bites and other injuries caused by dogs are subject to a principle known as “strict liability.” In some cases, someone else may be held accountable for the attack, such as if they had been in charge of caring for the dog when it happened.

It may also be possible to hold the owner of the property where the accident occurred liable if they were aware of the presence of a dangerous dog on their property and failed to take action to prevent the attack. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in a situation where a dog (or any other pet) was the cause of a motorcycle accident, it is necessary to seek legal guidance to determine who may be liable and pursue any financial claims. 

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