17-Year-Old Kyle Brimer Loses Life in Motorcycle Crash

REDONDO BEACH, California — A somber atmosphere enveloped a Redondo Beach street adorned with flowers and candles, serving as a poignant memorial for 17-year-old Kyle Brimer, whose life was tragically cut short in a motorcycle crash on January 18, 2024.

Friends and family gathered on Wednesday to pay tribute to the vibrant spirit of Brimer, who lost his life on January 10 in a collision involving his motorcycle and another vehicle. The incident occurred as Brimer was traveling southbound on Pacific Coast Highway and collided with a vehicle making a westbound turn onto Carnelian Street.

Close friends, family members, and classmates gathered at the vigil to share their memories and console each other in the wake of this heartbreaking loss. Among them was Tyler Olson, Brimer’s best friend, who spoke fondly of the departed teenager.

His laugh, his smile, just everything about him. There is nothing that I won’t miss,” expressed Olson, struggling to find words to capture the essence of his friendship with Brimer.

Leo Davis, a friend of the Brimer family, reflected on the positive qualities that defined Kyle Brimer. “He was just a kid who always had a smile on his face,” said Davis. “Just a good all-round kid.

The fatal crash unfolded as Brimer and Olson were en route to Palos Verdes, with Olson riding his own motorcycle just behind Brimer. Overwhelmed with grief, Olson recounted witnessing the entire incident, describing it as an emotionally challenging experience.

The Redondo Beach Police Department’s Fatal Accident Investigation Team conducted a thorough examination of the case. According to their findings, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision remained at the scene and cooperated fully with investigators. Authorities have stated that they do not suspect drugs or alcohol played a role in the tragic incident.


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