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As professionals who provide legal services to clients in California, Motorcyclist Attorney and its affiliated partnerships (collectively called “the firm”) are committed to keeping private information safe. This private information, also known as “Personal Information,” includes details that can identify individuals, like clients, staff, agents, lawyers, law students, job applicants, or others connected to or outside the firm.

The firm has always followed a policy to follow the rules of professional conduct, requiring lawyers and their associated personnel to uphold the duty to preserve and protect confidential client information.

This Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy (called “the Statement”) is based on the privacy and data protection rules used in California. We follow this policy while also making sure we obey the law, protect client confidentiality, and represent our clients as best as we can within the limits of the law. This Statement aims to give a general idea of how the firm handles data protection and informs our clients, law students, job applicants, website visitors, and other third parties who might be affected by the firm’s privacy policies.

This Statement is especially for people outside the firm who share their Personal Information with us or use the firm’s websites, apps, social media sites, extranets, or receive our email messages that have a link to this Statement (called “Online Services”). It also explains how the firm collects, uses, and discloses Personal Information when providing legal services and Internet Services.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The firm gathers Personal Information when it provides clients legal services and when people share information on its website or when using Online Services. We may also collect Personal Information when you interact with us on social media or from other third party sources. Additionally, we may automatically collect some data that might have your Personal Information in it, as explained in the cookie policy below.

We may use the Personal Information for these reasons if there is admissible interest to do so:

  • To get in touch with you and answer your queries.
  • To make your visit to our website better and help you while you use our Online Services.
  • To manage and study how our business and website work.
  • To handle our hiring process.
  • If you’re a client or might become one, we’ll use it to give you legal help and manage the legal matters where our help is necessary.
  • We might contact you (unless you say you don’t want us to) about important legal news or updates from our law firm. If you don’t want to get emails about our publications or events, you can unsubscribe by clicking a link in our emails.
  • To create and follow through with different kinds of agreements or contracts.
  • To follow the law and rules we have to obey, including checks to prevent illegal money activities. If we can’t get the needed Personal Information for these checks, we might not be able to provide the representation.

Confidentiality, Security, and Retention of Personal Information

Following our professional duties, the firm has always been very careful with the Personal Information the clients entrusted to us.

We have reasonable and suitable protections in place, physical, digital, and procedural, to keep Personal Information safe. However, these protections are not infallible, and we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will always work.

It is the firm’s requirement that consultants, suppliers, and vendors also have good data protection practices, especially where they need to follow California data protection laws.

We may retain the information you give us, including Personal Information, for as long as we need to follow the law or do what we originally collected it for as described in the Statement.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

We keep your Personal Information private, and we do not disclose any Personal Information to other parties outside the firm, except in specific circumstances. These circumstances include sharing it with our agents or data processors who act on our behalf and help us do our work. Disclosure of any information is subject to appropriate confidentiality, privacy and information security commitments provided by the receiving party, or where we believe it necessary to provide a service which you have requested, or as permitted or required by law, or as otherwise authorized or directed by you.

Following our professional duties, we might give Personal Information to government regulators and law enforcement if the law requires it or if we believe it’s necessary. This can happen when we are dealing with legal issues or if such information is required or permitted by law.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is like a text note sent by a website and put on your computer by your web browser. They are often used together with other Internet tools, like web beacons, to learn about how people use the Internet. For instance, our firm uses cookies along with web beacons, which are small bits of code we can put in our online services to see how many different people visit a particular page.

The firm uses cookies for caching purposes to know when to serve a cached version of the site or when to refresh the cache.

Our cookies don’t collect information about how you use the Internet outside of our firm’s activities, and they can’t identify you unless you decide to give us your Personal Information.

None of these cookies are necessary to access our Online Services. You can adjust your web browser to reject all cookies or notify you when a cookie is placed. However, please keep in mind that some parts of our Online Services might not work as smoothly or effectively if you do this.

Do Not Track Signals

“Do Not Track” signals are settings in your web browser that let website operators know you don’t want them to track what you do online. Whether you turn on or off these “Do Not Track” signals, our websites work the same way. We do not allow third parties to collect your Personal Information from your online activities on our websites for their own use.


To protect the privacy of minors, the firm does not intentionally gather, keep, or process Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18 through our online services. If there is a need to collect Personal Information from minors for one of the reasons mentioned in our Privacy Statement, the firm will only proceed with the appropriate authorization or as allowed by the law.

California Privacy Rights

According to the California Consumer Privacy Act (Section 1798.100 of the California Civil Code), if you’re a California resident, you may have certain data protection rights concerning your Personal Information. These rights, which might be subject to limitations or restrictions, include:

  • The right to disclose, delete, access, and not face discrimination regarding your Personal Information.
  • The right to say no to your Personal Information being shared or sold.

The firm does not share or sell your Personal Information with third party companies for any marketing purposes. If you want to use your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, please reach out to us using the “Contact Us” section below.

The following are types of Personal Information defined in the law that we may collect, get from others, or keep while running our business or when a client gives it to us for legal services: Identifiers, Personal information mentioned in the California Customer Records law (Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80(e)), Protected characteristics noted in California or federal laws, Business details, Biometric facts, Online or electronic activity, Location information, Senses-related data, Job or work-related details, Private education data, and conclusions made from other personal information.

You can also contact us and ask for: 

  • Information about the personal data we have about you
  • Changes to your personal data we have
  • Taking back any agreement you gave us before


We reserve the right to update this Statement at any time without advance notice. If we make any new policies for our Online Services, the firm will post them on this website and the relevant online services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to our use of your Personal Information, please contact us at:

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