Motorcycle Crash Attorney in California: Questions to Ask Before Hiring

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The State of California is home to thousands of motorcyclists, which is no surprise thanks to California’s scenic routes and lovely warm weather. In this state, motorcycle riders range from everyday motorists who have chosen motorbikes as their primary mode of transportation to hardcore and dedicated biking enthusiasts who always want what’s new or extraordinary for their beloved machines.

Home to roughly 800,000 registered motorcyclists, it is safe to say that bikers are a common sight in the streets of California. If you are one of these thousands of riders in the Golden State, there are multiple reasons why you should look into keeping a motorcycle crash attorney on speed dial. 

If you ever figure in a motorcycle accident, it is ideal to have an immediate contact in mind for your legal representation. Having a motorcycle crash attorney to call instantly ensures speedy recovery from an accident and comprehensive protection for you and your motor vehicle. 

However, before you select your preferred motorcycle crash attorney, there are certain crucial factors that you need to be well-acquainted with to help you narrow down your choice to the best possible counsel.

What A Motorcycle Crash Attorney Does

What is a motorcycle crash attorney, and how does one differ from other types of lawyers? Essentially, a motorcycle crash attorney is a specialized lawyer who handles victims of motorcycle accidents and related cases. Borne from years of experience handling motorcycle-related cases, the attorney’s specialization takes a clear upper hand over any other practitioner in this niche. 

Having a specialized lawyer to defend you is your best bet at a favorable outcome in any motorcycle accident case. A motorcycle crash attorney will have extensive experience and professional insight into all the issues that arise from a bike accident. Moreover, they can guide you as you settle your case from start to finish with all the legal and professional tools at their disposal. 

A motorcycle crash attorney can do the following for you:

  • Coordinate and negotiate a claim on your behalf before insurance companies
  • Perform thorough investigative work, which may include bringing in property damage specialists and accident reconstructionists
  • Win your case should it ever reach and require litigation

These legal services constitute the actual work done by a motorcycle crash attorney. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may want to opt for a lawyer with more legal services to offer and add to the mix. 

Either way, flexibility is vital to effective legal representation. Your motorcycle crash attorney should be able to deliver tailor-made legal services that are specifically targeted for each incident that comes their way.   

When To Call a Motorcycle Crash Attorney

While an attorney is often hired after an incident, there are clear advantages to adopting a pre-emptive approach when contacting a motorcycle crash attorney.

In its 2021 Annual Report, the California Office of Traffic Safety recorded 539 motorcycle fatalities in the state. This number saw a 9.8% increase from the year prior. Due to this high number of motorcycle-related accidents, it is best to be alert where legal representation is concerned. A designated lawyer for motorcycle accidents saves you from unnecessary stress and jumpstarts your claims process as soon as possible. 

Needless to say, conditions on the road can sometimes be unpredictable. There is no guarantee that the weather or traffic will always be in your favor. An effective lawyer specializing in motorcycle-related incidents is essential to mitigate the adverse impact of an unforeseen event on your health, property, and finances. Knowing who to call ahead of time could spell all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim.   

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Lawyer

There are several factors to consider when you select a motorcycle accident attorney. However, the choice ultimately boils down to what works best for you and your case. As you navigate your options, you might want to ask your prospective lawyer the following questions:      

Do you have measurable experience in dealing with motorcycle accident cases?

Nothing beats experience in the field when providing specialized legal services. Measurable experience translates to expert-level knowledge in handling motorcycle accident cases. It goes without saying that the attorney you choose should have mastery over all legal provisions pertaining to motorcycles in the State of California. 

For starters, a lawyer specializing in motorcycle-related incidents should demonstrate a knack for identifying the legal issues at hand and addressing these same issues based on relevant sources of laws. Then, when faced with a motorcycle accident case, a specialized counsel with measurable experience in their arsenal will be able to draw up a strategy that will set you up to receive the most ideal possible outcome. 

Are you well-versed in communicating and negotiating with insurance companies?

A substantial chunk of a motorcycle crash attorney’s work involves correspondence with insurance companies. Therefore, an excellent lawyer or law firm will be adept at communicating with insurance firms strategically. Your chosen counsel should be able to get favorable results based on how they communicate.

In the same vein, they should be skilled in negotiation. Insurance companies are duty-bound to prioritize the interests of their insured. Thus, your motorcycle crash attorney should proactively champion your case to counter the approach that insurers will take. They should not accept an insurance company’s first offer unless it is the best option. 

Your legal counsel should be proficient in most media when corresponding with insurance companies, whether through email, post, or fax. An experienced motorcycle crash attorney will get excellent results with minimum contact with insurance companies. However, when push comes to shove, your motorcycle crash attorney should be prepared to win your case in litigation against insurance companies.   

Are you knowledgeable about the medical aspects of a case?

An integral factor in motorcycle accidents, which often gets overlooked, leans toward the medical side. With every accident comes associated injuries and a myriad of medical needs. Therefore, you would be well-advised to choose a lawyer who will pay close attention to the medical aspects of motorcycle-related incidents. 

A great motorcycle crash attorney will get the maximum coverage possible for every injury that you may receive from these incidents. They will also determine which medical records and documentation are vital to your case.

Working knowledge of how injuries happen, their severity, and their treatments is crucial. If your motorcycle crash attorney possesses medical know-how, they will be able to assess the best possible approach to your case. When necessary, your motorcycle crash attorney will also point you in the direction of premier medical practitioners who will provide you with excellent medical treatments.  

What’s your process when working with other professionals?

Your motorcycle crash attorney may need to work with many related professionals to achieve the best possible results for your case. Accordingly, it would be wise to ask your prospective lawyer whether they have experience working with a team of professionals specializing in motorcycle-related incidents.

The most basic set-up of professionals that your legal counsel may work with includes private investigators and motor vehicle repair shops. A motorcycle crash attorney with excellent working relationships with these professionals will receive top-of-the-line services that benefit your case. 

Depending on the severity and complexity of a motorcycle-related incident, a lawyer may also need to work with other counsels from various firms. Therefore, keep an ear out to check if your prospective legal representation is well-regarded in the field.  

How do you communicate with your clients?

Candid and open communication cannot be underscored enough when making a claim or a case out of a motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle crash attorney should keep you abreast with all updates regarding the status of your motorcycle-related incident. 

In addition, they should instantly let you know if any action is needed on your part or if there has been any progress on your case. Thus, ask your prospective lawyer about all the measures they intend to adopt when communicating with you.

Are you well-reviewed by previous clients?

Never neglect reviews when selecting a motorcycle crash attorney from a whole roster of potential lawyers within your area. Reviews are a great source of information about how lawyers provide their services. Moreover, when written by previous clients, reviews will give you great insight into the suitability of a motorcycle crash attorney’s legal approach for your particular case. 

Essential factors such as a motorcycle crash attorney’s legal costs, level of professionalism, and success rates are usually the subjects of reviews. Therefore, reading through reviews is of the utmost necessity before hiring any legal representation. This way, you may catch wind of some dealbreakers that were not apparent upfront. 

Outstanding Motorcycle Crash Attorney in California

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