20 Cool and Badass Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

One (or hoping for more) gift for motorcycle riders can make your rider friends happy this Christmas. These gifts are irresistible and will surely complete their holiday season!

1. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet 

Safety should always be prioritized during motorcycle rides. Studies showed the full-face helmets lowered the risk of facial injury by two-thirds, and confirmed that a full-face helmet offers better protection against facial injury than other types of helmet. Instead of buying other types of helmet, choose the full-face helmet for safety and to avoid the weather chills. Get this badass gift from Amazon.

2. Heated Stocks 

The cold weather while driving might be a bit annoying. It may also cause trouble especially if the chills radiate until our feet. These heated socks are not ordinary! You can charge it via USB so it remains heated, making it perfect for those long bike rides.

3. Motorcycle Tool Kit

Number 1 commandment in riding motorcycles is having the right tools just in case your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of your journey. Through this toolset with almost 20 tools, nothing will ever go wrong in your journey.

gifts for motorcycle riders

4. Motorcycle Cover

No worries because this will stand even the test of time, and of course, the weather. Guaranteed that your motorcycle will be safe from winter, spring, summer, or fall. In addition, it will protect your ride from wind, water, and the dangerous UV rays. Do not think twice on buying this motorcycle cover — it’s a must for all riders.

5. Motorcycle Tracker and Alarm

Motorcycle thefts are prone everywhere; hence, the more reason to take care of it. Since it is only recent when some motorcycles became equipped with anti-theft technology, you might need to buy an additional kit to keep your motorcycle safe from being stolen. Behold, this system is two-fold wherein you already have an alarm that goes off and a GPS tracker. The GPS tracker is paired with a mobile application that will help you find the motorcycle when someone stole it. Get this tracker and alarm duo from Amazon. 

6. Motorcycle Phone Mount 

Maps are helpful especially if you’re going to an unfamiliar location. Since both hands are used for driving motorcycles, you might be needing phone mounts to put your phone in sight for directions. Here is the universal mount that fits on any motorcycle and holds any phone super securely. No worries, bumpy roads won’t send your phone flying.

7. Motorcycle Seat Tailbag 

Looking for a waterproof bag for your travel and long-haul adventures? Look at this motorcycle seat tailbag that can expand up to six inches. To secure its safety, you just need to strap it in the motorcycle. Fast and easy!

8. Handlebar Drink Holder 

You need the right drink holder especially during summer time. Surely, your brand new flask plus your holder will be with you during the bumpy and rough rides. 

9. Complete Motorcycle Care Kit 

Want a shiny and clean motorcycle that looks like it never gets old? Try cleaning it with Meguiar’s Complete Kit! From tires to seats, you’ll definitely nail that brand new look everyday.

10. Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Stand 

You do not need to go to a carwash place to keep your motorcycle clean. All you have to do is buy this motorcycle wheel cleaning stand. It is a lightweight device that you can put under the back tire wherein you can rotate the tire to reach every part of the tire. 

11. Anti-Theft Motorcycle Lock 

Ever wonder where to shelter your motorcycle for the night especially when there’s no parking lot available? Motorcycle theft is prone nowadays and you have to secure your ride with this anti-theft lock. It’s simple but cannot be removed with a pair of bolt cutters.

12. Tire Inflator 

It’s inevitable to have a flat tire during a long journey. Hence, this hand-sized tire inflator is a must have. The inflator will fill up your tires in a second.

13. Motorcycle Helmet and Jacket Stand 

You can make a scarecrow after this motorcycle helmet and jacket stand apart from using it to keep things in order. 

14. Motorcycle Lights 

It’s easy to recognize motorcycles if there are lights on them. These motorcycle lights will make your wheel look cool on the road. In addition, it makes it easier for drivers to see you to keep you safer on the road.

15. Motorcycle Expedition Camping Tent 

If you wish to go on trips and camps, trust this expedition camping tent. Keep your motorcycle and other belongings safe from harmful elements.

16. Face Mask for Motorcyclist  

Protect your face from wind and chills through this balaclava face mask for motorcyclists. It’s lightweight and guarantees no sweat, but will protect you from dust and other allergens.

17. Motorcycle Boots 

Add these boots to your OOTD! These leather boots will release your inner hiker that can give you the adventure of a lifetime. Awesome boots are created by folks at Harley built for the needs of motorcyclists.

18. Waterproof Clock 

Want to know if you’re running late or on time? Buy this waterproof clock which is super easy to install on handlebars. Bumpy roads ain’t a problem as this clock won’t fall.

19. Winter Vest 

You don’t need a passenger to keep you warm from those long and chilly roads. This winter vest is lined with a carbon-fiber heating element that has three heat settings. The vest is comfortable and machine washable. No worries since it has a 10-hour battery life.

20. Polishing Set 

Your motorcycle does not have to be in the carwash for a long long time. Just keep it shiny and well-polished using this polishing set. The kit has 27 pieces in different sizes or grades to buff, shine, and help preserve the paint and chrome of a premium bike.

No worries on the prices for these are all affordable and within the budget. You can buy one or all of these motorcycle gifts for your loved ones. Let us spread love and happiness this Christmas season. 

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