10 Badass Motorcycles To Watch In 2022

badass motorcycles

After the extended periods of global lockdown, your desire for freedom and adventure is stronger than ever! What better way to commemorate the joy of living than by purchasing one of the best-looking motorcycles in the bike world in 2022?

Naturally, there are numerous factors to consider before purchasing one of the brand-new high-end 2022 bikes. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to assist you in determining which badass bike is perfect for you. 

Why Buy A Badass Motorcycle In 2022?

Let’s look at why 2022 is the ideal year to purchase one of these top ten greatest motorcycles.

Better Design and Power

Let’s face it: when it comes to choosing the greatest motorcycle, style plays a big role — any generation of riders will want to look good while riding. Whether you prefer a strong, powerful adventure bike, or a sportbike, 2022 has some amazing new designs in store for you, regardless of whether you like to rip around the track for a while or are just getting started on your bike journey.

A popular reason for purchasing a more powerful motorcycle is the desire for speed — and with it, smooth and efficient acceleration. Regardless of the sort of road you’re traveling on, the newest and best motorcycles featured on this list have substantial amounts of horsepower, insane torque figures, and larger engines for top speeds.

Comfort With New Technology

The new motorcycles have upgraded technology features that not only improve your safety when riding and racing but also provide additional comfort and convenience. The latest technology, such as radars, blind-spot monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, ride modes, traction control, and more, will ensure that you have a sweet ride — the calmest and most comfortable riding experience imaginable.

Aside from increasing top speeds and engine displacement, the best bikes in 2022 will also include high-end technological systems, rider assistance, and sophisticated safety features, which cannot be overstated given the sheer brute force of today’s most stunning two-wheelers.

Better Aerodynamics and Efficiency

Did you know that overcoming air resistance consumes the majority of your motorcycle’s energy? Any rider who has felt the thud of turbulent air on their helmet will gladly invest to avoid that sensation. The good news is that the best motorcycles for 2022 have winglets, streamlined bodywork, and reduced drag coefficients, resulting in a smoother, more aerodynamic ride!

Riders and non-riders alike have become more ecologically conscious over the last decade, and manufacturers have responded. With upgraded engines, fuel efficiency is at an all-time high, emissions are at an all-time low, and electric motorcycles are on the rise. Buying one of the top ten badass motorcycles will save the environment and your budget in the long term!

Types of Motorcycles

When considering which sweet ride to buy this year, it’s crucial to think about the type of riding you’ll be doing. So, before we go into which motorcycle is perfect for you, let’s go through the many types of motorcycles.

Naked Bikes

Naked bikes, sometimes known as street bikes, are meant for commuting and short-distance travel. They are ideal for your urban road needs because of their upright seating position, basic appearance, excellent handling, and no-frills technology.

Cruiser Motorcycles

If you want to skip the rough dirt tracks and have a relaxing weekend adventure, cruisers are the bike for you. Instead of raw power, you might want to look for things like baggage options, seat comfort, and design in a cruiser model.

Adventure Bikes

In 2022, if you’re seeking the ultimate all-around motorcycle, an adventure bike might be your best bet. They are suitable for all types of roads and combine the efficiency of a street bike with the off-road capabilities of a dirt bike.

Dual-Sport Bikes

If you’re searching for an all-rounder, a dual-sport bike is a fantastic option. These versatile motorcycles are powerful, quick, and adaptable to your preferred riding style, whether it’s dirt trails or cross-country roads.

A style-specific buyer’s guide can provide you with engine updates and additional technical information on the different categories for each sort of riding.

Criteria: How We Chose Our Best 10 Bikes

A variety of factors were taken into account when compiling the top 10 badass motorcycles for 2022.

To begin with, performance-related specifications such as horsepower and torque clearly played a significant part in determining the best-performing motorcycles this year. However, the world’s most impressive bike is about more than just engine power.

Second, we considered financial factors such as fuel efficiency, range, and other environmental factors, which is why we’re particularly delighted to offer high-performance new electric vehicles!

Finally, we considered the comfort, riding position, seat height, and handling of this year’s world’s best bike contenders.

Last but not least, we’ve tried to offer something unique for every taste, riding style, and base price.

Badass Motorcycles of 2022

Now that you are up to speed on the improvements, types, and criteria for identifying the most exciting bikes of the year, it is time to choose your new bike. Without further ado, let us present to you the list of the top 10 most badass motorcycles in 2022.


Style: Adventure Bike

Engine Type: Liquid-cooled, transverse 60-degree V-twin, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 1,252cc

Bore x Stroke: 105.0 mm x 72.0 mm

Max Horsepower: 150 hp @ 9,000 rpm

Max Torque: 94 lb-ft @ 6,750rpm

Weight: 559 lbs / 254 kg

Starting at: $17,319

The much-awaited Pan America is Harley Davidson’s first adventure touring bike, and it has been in the works for quite some time. The Pan America combines the customary comfort of HD bikes with the power and torque to easily outperform your normal lightweight adventure bike, opening up a whole new world for ADV riders.

2. 2022 ZERO SR/S

Style: Sports bike

Engine Type: air-cooled Z-Force 75-10 PMAC

Displacement: –

Bore x Stroke: –

Max Horsepower: 110 hp @ 5,000 rpm

Max Torque: 140 lb-ft

Weight: 505 lbs / 229 kg

Starting at: $17,995

We are pleased to introduce you to the 2022 Zero SR/S electric motorcycle, which is part of this list’s ecologically friendly high-end line. This sport bike has a lot of horsepowers, and its ergonomics allow it to be used for both city rides and a fast race around the track. As it stands out among electric motorcycles, the new Zero model is also sure to be a strong competitor for traditional middleweight sports bikes, with a 200-mile range and rapid recharge periods.


Style: Dual Sport Bike

Engine Type: V4 Granturismo 4 cylinder, DOHC, 4vpc

Displacement: 1,158cc

Bore x Stroke: 83 x 53.5 mm

Max Horsepower: 169.9 hp @ 10,500 rpm

Max Torque: 92 lb-ft @ 8750rpm

Weight: 529 lbs / 240 kg

starting at $19,995

Ducati has released its arguably greatest and most flexible bike to date with the Multistrada V4. The strong V4 Granturismo engine, which has a displacement of 1,158cc, is taking a huge stride forward in terms of performance. Another feature of this model is radar-guided cruise control, which is offered as an option, making the Multistrada V4 the first motorcycle to have this feature, making this impressive bike a strong contender for the best motorcycle in 2022!

4. 2022 KAWASAKI Z H2

Style: Street Bike (Hyper Naked)

Engine Type: liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 998cc

Bore x Stroke: 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm

Max Horsepower: 200 hp @ 10,500 rpm

Max Torque: 101 lb-ft @ 8,500 rpm

Weight: 527 lbs / 239 kgStarting at: $20,200

If you’re looking for a strong naked bike, the 2022 Kawasaki Z H2‘s 200 horsepower, over 100 ft-lbs of insane torque, and the smooth supercharged engine will not disappoint. The edgy Z design and street bike ergonomics make it an attractive choice for the speed-obsessed everyday rider, who can customize this high-end bike with a wide selection of conveniences.


Style: Sports Bike

Engine Type: liquid-cooled, transverse parallel-twin, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 660cc

Bore x Stroke: 81.0 mm x 63.9 mm

Max Horsepower: 100 hp @ 10,500 rpm

Max Torque: 49 lb-ft @ 8,500 rpm

Weight: 404 lbs / 183 kg

Starting at: $11,299

Are you looking for a sweet ride that you can take to the track on the weekends while also commuting quickly throughout the week? You’ve come to the right place! The Italians have built a very nifty middleweight motorcycle with a clever aerodynamic shape and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio with the RS 660. It also has the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC), which was initially created for race use, to keep you safe at these high speeds.

6. 2022 BMW R 1250 GS

Style: Adventure Bike

Engine Type: air/liquid-cooled, flat-twin boxer, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 1,254cc

Bore x Stroke: 102.5 mm x 76 mm

Max Horsepower: 136 hp @ 7,750 rpm

Max Torque: 105 lb-ft @ 6,250 rpm

Weight: 529 lbs / 249 kgStarting at: $20,920

With its large-displacement boxer engine, which is found in many of BMW’s motorcycles, the 2021 BMW R 1250 GS is a sweet ride that offers cutting-edge performance on and off the road. It is as cost-effective as possible due to its low emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and selectable eco-driving mode. The BMW R 1250 GS for 2022 is an impressive bike that features extra color options and a new set of riding modes for experienced riders.


Style: Adventure Bike

Engine Type: liquid-cooled, parallel twin, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 889cc

Bore x Stroke: 90.7 mm x 68.8 mm

Max Horsepower: 105 hp @ 8,000 rpm

Max Torque: 63.8 lb-ft @ 6,800 rpm

Weight: 464 lbs / 210 kg

Starting at: $13,099

The Austrian KTM 890 Adventure is a good long-term investment for any serious rider looking to hit the road – be it smooth cross-country tarmac or a rugged off-road dirt trail. It features an impressive 889cc engine with 105 hp and solid linear torque, long service intervals, and low fuel consumption. The KTM 890 Adventure is designed for long-distance comfort and off-road adventures, and it has excellent ergonomics and handling. What’s not to appreciate about that?


Style: Adventure Bike

Engine Type: liquid-cooled, parallel twin, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 689cc

Bore x Stroke: 80.0 mm x 86.6mm

Max Horsepower: 72.1 hp @ 9,000 rpm

Max Torque: 50 lb-ft @ 6,600 rpm

Weight: 452 lbs / 205 kg

Starting at: $9,999

The Yamaha Tenere 700 adventure bike is a stylish ride for all types of riders. Its mid-displacement engine combines dependability with strong power output, excellent linear torque, and increased efficiency. Its rally-inspired ergonomics give the rider a lot of agility without sacrificing comfort, and it allows for competent handling on both mud and asphalt. It’s a strong contender for the greatest all-around motorcycle at a competitive price!


Style: Street Bike

Engine Type: liquid-cooled, inline 3-cylinder, DOHC, 4 vpc

Displacement: 660cc

Bore x Stroke: 74.0 mm x 51.1 mm

Max Horsepower: 81 hp @ 10,250 rpm

Max Torque: 47 lb-ft @ 6,250 rpm

Weight: 417 lbs / 189 kg

Starting at: $8,395.00

This agile roadster is a spectacular middleweight addition to the Triumph line-up. Like other Triumph models, the Trident 660 sports the torquey inline-three engine Triumph is famous for and its 10,000-mile maintenance intervals make this impressive bike extremely economical and equally accessible to newer road riding fans on a budget. Additionally, its lightweight, low seating position and slim frame make for easy handling and fun, dynamic rides.


Style: Cruiser

Engine Type: air-cooled, single cylinder, SOHC, 2 vpc

Displacement: 349cc

Bore x Stroke: 72.0 x 85.8 mm

Max Horsepower: 20 hp @ 6,100 rpm

Max Torque: 19.9 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm

Weight: 421 lbs / 191 kg

Starting at: $4,399

While the Royal Enfield Meteor 350‘s small-displacement, low-horsepower engine may not be pushing the boundaries of speed and performance, it has already received a slew of honors, including IMOTY 2021 and Two-Wheeler of the Year! Plus, this sweet ride comes at a relatively affordable price. With its rich, high-quality vintage style, incredibly low price, and a range of more than 300 miles, this badass cruiser is an excellent dark horse that provides incredible value for the money.

After exploring all of these beautiful and powerful bad-ass bikes, the only thing left is to choose one and ride safely.

Also by now, you are probably aware that motorcycle usage continues to grow in popularity, and saving riders’ lives and preventing injuries remains a critical road safety challenge.

As motorcyclists, we are more vulnerable to injury than other road users, so it is very important for us doesn’t matter what ride we choose, we must take certain steps to protect ourselves.

Always wear a helmet and protective clothing, and be aware of blind spots. In addition, always be sure to maintain your motorcycle in good working condition. Regular maintenance can help to avoid mechanical problems that could lead to an accident.

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