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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers


Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Riding your motorcycle through the beautiful city of Bakersfield and the vicinity of San Joaquin Valley offers an exhilarating and thrilling experience for bikers. Enjoying the beautiful vistas and the freedom of the highway is something all bikers look for when getting their Harley’s engines roaring.

Sadly, Bakersfield is the most populated city in Kern County, with a population of nearly 400 thousand residents as of 2019, it makes it the 9th most populated city in California. This means vehicles on the road are increasing exponentially every year, meaning that the roads are not as safe as they were for motorcyclists.

That’s where we come in, we are ready to ride out for you whenever you get in an accident. Motorcyclists get a bad rep for being reckless, bad-mannered, and stereotypical movie villains, but we know bikers are the opposite. We will not let a negligent individual who has caused you injuries in an accident get away with their responsible actions.

We will fight hard to get you the maximum compensation for all your medical, emotional, and financial troubles an accident can make you go through.

Some Key Statistics for Bakersfield Motorcycle Accidents

Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that motorcyclists are more likely than cars to be involved in accidents. Full-face helmets are also the most secure type of protection, thus reducing face injuries significantly, yet are pretty much the only protection motorcyclists have when involved in a collision. Here are some statistics about motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield:

  • Motorcyclists are killed 26 times more often than passenger car riders on a per-mile basis.
  • Motorbike deaths are more likely to happen in urban areas (53%) than in rural ones (48%).
  • Roughly 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve a collision between a motorcycle and at least one car.
  • 59% of women killed in bike crashes were passengers, although passenger-carrying bikes aren’t involved in accidents as much.
  • Violation of motorcycle’s right-of-way by other vehicles is the cause of nearly two-thirds of multiple-vehicle accidents.

How can you be safer while riding a motorcycle?

We know going out on our motorcycles carries risks, as does driving any other vehicle. Yet because of how motorcyclists have more risk of being victims in an accident, our expert team of motorcycle accident attorneys has compiled the following safety tips for you, so you can safely enjoy your bike to the fullest while being safe on the road.

  1. Wear proper safety equipment. Padded clothing, elbow and knee pads, and a closed helmet will help prevent serious injury if you get in an accident.
  2. Develop your riding skills. After learning how to ride a bike, as with any vehicle we might get overconfident, developing your riding skills surefire way to be safer on the road.
  3. Watch out for other vehicles. It only takes a distracted driver to make a leisure ride into a catastrophe, always make sure you keep a proper distance from other vehicles and ride defensively.
  4. Perform regular maintenance on your bike. While ride malfunction is not a primary cause for accidents according to statistics, regular maintenance work will let it function better and prevent you from getting in an accident due to vehicle issues like unresponsive brakes or blown-out tires.
  5. Obey traffic laws, we all like the feeling of putting the pedal to the metal, but obeying the speed limits, traffic lights and lane change rules can help you prevent an accident.

Common causes for Motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield

It’s a fact that motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to accidents in California. Being one of the most populous states in America, vehicular accidents are common, but, knowing the primary causes for them can help you prevent and avoid ever getting involved in one.

Here are the most common causes for motorcycle accidents in Bakersfield:

  • Speeding: Riding at high speeds puts you at risk of not noticing other vehicles on the road, leaving you with little time to react in case a car cuts in front of you or a big semi-truck appears behind a curve on the highway.
  • Cars Making a Left-Hand Turn: When a car does a left-hand turn it creates a blind spot for the drivers, making it difficult for them to notice other vehicles on the road. Right-of-way violations or distance misjudgments when making a left turn are the most common reasons for motorcycle riders to experience injuries and death.
  • Lane splitting: The State of California is one of the few states in the U.S. where is legal to split lanes. While researchers argue that lane splitting improves traffic and road safety, most of the time, lane-splitting causes vehicular accidents in highly congested traffic areas and roadways. Thanks to this, more accidents are recorded every day because of suddenly splitting lanes.
  • Alcohol and drug use:  About half of all crashes involving a single motorcycle stem from alcohol or drug use. If you are involved in an accident involving a drunk driver, having a team of expert personal injury attorneys specialize in drunk driving accidents is the ideal way to get the maximum compensation for your injuries and material damages.
  • Distracted driving–Many accidents occur because of the divided attention of the driver instead of just focusing on the wheels. And in the case of motorcycles, car drivers may fail to notice them because of their smaller size, leading to serious accidents. 80% of all vehicle crashes involve some form of driver inattention. This increases the risk of a crash which, in most cases, puts a lot more danger on the motorcyclist’s part.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic: Even when it’s appealing as a biker to evade traffic congestion by veering and zigzagging around vehicles, it is extremely unsafe to do. You will never know what other drivers are doing, one might be on their phone and might not see you cutting in front of them which could lead to a serious accident. . Considering distracted drivers, faulty road conditions, drivers suddenly trying to change lanes, etc. going around waving in traffic puts you at serious risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Tailgating: Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you is a leading cause of vehicular accidents, motorcyclists are more at risk when either you make a sudden stop and a car behind you doesn’t have time to react, or the other way around, driving to close to the rear-end of a car that comes to a halt gives little to no time to react causing an accident.
  • Dangerous road conditions: Lack of signage, potholes, slippery streets, poor illumination can catch you off guard, leading you to make decisions that can endanger your life, increasing the probability of an accident.
  • Motorcycle defects: We all like our vehicles to be in a prime condition sometimes we encounter manufacturer defects or if we repaired the motorcycle before there could be a botched repair or a faulty part, putting you at risk. In the case of manufacturing defects, the manufacturer is to be held liable for any accident or death because of the defective part.
  • Inexperienced riders: Inexperienced drivers are prone to make risky moves on the road which may endanger other motorists’ safety. Proper lessons on driving safely and responsibly all the time must be kept in mind to reduce the risks of accidents.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, we can help you!

Injured in a motorcycle accident because of a negligent driver? We have your back! Our team of expert motorcyclist attorneys is ready to ride out and help you with your personal injury case. We will not let negligent parties take advantage of your situation, blaming you for an accident you didn’t cause, nor let insurance companies lowball you with their meager offers to get rid of your claim as fast as possible.

Our mission is clear, to help bikers get the medical treatments they need and win the maximum compensation they deserve. We will never go back on our word and will handle your case with the expertise required to let you walk out happy and recovered from any damages a negligent driver can cause.

Contact us today at 661-403-4703 for a free review of your case. We are available 24/7, and the best part, you don’t have to pay us a cent. We work on a contingency basis, which

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers